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Low Sensory Experiences

We know that our museum can be loud and busy at times, we will put our lights on full and turn off all the sound effects and smells so it’s a less overwhelming environment for our visitors.

You’ll still be able to visit all the galleries, but there will be no dark areas and no sudden sounds.

We will still have guides on Kirkgate in Victorian costume and we will still put on the films in the prison gallery, but we’ll warn you in advance if you are about to go into an area where a film may start suddenly.

We have quieter public spaces available should you need them. We hope to run these events once a month, so if you don’t get chance to look at everything on your first visit, not to worry.

The dates for the experience is:

Castle Museum- Aug 18th & Nov 17th

9:30 am – 11:00 am

Art Gallery- Sept 15th & Dec 15th 

3 pm – 5 pm 

Yorkshire Museum- Oct 13th

3 pm – 5 pm

Check out our visual stories available online so you know what to expect and if you require any further information about this event, please email enquiries@ymt.org.uk or phone 01904 687687.