Exhibitions at the Yorkshire Museum

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Medieval York: Capital of the North

Make a visit to ‘Medieval York: Capital of the North’ and explore how York became England’s second city and how its fortunes rose and fell with its ties to the Crown and the Church. Find out more.


After the Ice: Yorkshire’s Prehistoric People

An exciting display showcasing a range of fantastic archaeological material and scientific specimens which tell the story of Yorkshire from its beginnings to the arrival of the Romans. Find out more.


Extinct: A Way of Life

This fun, family-orientated gallery welcomes us into a world of weird and wonderful creatures which have lived on our planet over millions of years, including our rare ichthyosaur specimen. Find out more.


Ritual or Disguise: The Star Carr Headdresses

This new ‘Spotlight’ display features four Mesolithic headdresses discovered at the archaeological site in Star Carr, which have never seen in public before together, along with new research by the team at the University of York. Find out more.


Roman York – Meet the People of the Empire

Discover what life was like before, during and after the Roman invasion of York. Explore fascinating finds including sculptures and carvings, ceramics and tools, through to skeletons and burial items, and even a mosaic floor. Find out more.


William Smith: The Map That Changed The World

Discover a map that literally changed the way the world thought about what was beneath its feet. Measuring 1.8m by 2.6m, William ‘Strata’ Smith’s map went on to inspire scientists to work out a more accurate age of the planet. Find out more.