This scheme aims to record archaeological objects found by members of the public onto a national open access database.

Portable Antiquities Scheme

PAS North & East Yorkshire Update – June 2021

Finds Liaison Officer Rebecca Griffiths will be on Maternity leave from June 2021 until April 2022.

During this time, there will continue to be provision for the Portable Antiquities Scheme across North and East Yorkshire. This will be on a part-time basis, provided by Emily Tilley. The restricted hours of this role mean that it will be focused on treasure, as well as returning finds that have been recorded and are due for return. You can contact Emily directly from Friday 11th June 2021 via

The Yorkshire Museum will be reopening from the 9th of July. Depositing treasure finds and returning of other finds will only occur after that date, and Emily will be in touch in due course to confirm when and how this will take place. Until then, the FLO remains unable to take in new finds for recording or return those already deposited.

If you need to report a new find of potential Treasure after this date, please send the following details in one e-mail to help speed up the process.

· Your full name, postal address and e-mail address

· The full name, postal address and e-mail address of the landowner and occupier (in cases of tenanted land)

· A minimum 6-figure National Grid Reference (NGR) for where the find was made (a simple guide to findspots is available here)

· The depth at which the object was discovered

· The type of land on which it was found (i.e. cultivated or pasture)

· Date of discovery · Digital photographs (a basic guide to finds photography is available here).

· Dimensions (length / width / thickness / diameter), including weight

Your e-mail will satisfy the 14-day notification period required under the Treasure Act.

If you would like an update on an existing Treasure case, please quote the Treasure Reference Number (e.g. 2020 T123) clearly in your e-mail.

If your enquiry is urgent, and regards a Treasure Case, please contact the British Museum’s Treasure Team on

Due to the reduced capacity of the North & East Yorkshire FLO during this period, Emily will be unable to record non-Treasure finds. If you would like to arrange the recording of non-Treasure finds, please contact your next closest Finds Liaison Officer. Contact details are available here: Scheme contacts (