This scheme aims to record archaeological objects found by members of the public onto a national open access database.

Portable Antiquities Scheme

Potential objects of treasure, as defined by the Treasure Act 1996, must be reported to the coroner within 14 days of discovery. Our Finds Liaison Officer based at the Yorkshire Museum can advise and facilitate the reporting of treasure.

Coronavirus update

Following government advice, Portable Antiquities Scheme staff are unlikely to be able to meet in person with finders to take in finds or undertake other outreach work. Most Portable Antiquities Scheme staff, including Finds Liaison Officers, will remain contactable by email, so therefore can advise on the recording of finds or the reporting of Treasure. It might be that we ask finders to hold on to their finds (keeping a good record of the findspot in accordance with the Code of Practice for Responsible Metal-Detecting in England and Wales) for full recording at a later date. For new finds of potential Treasure finders should notify their local Finds Liaison Officer and/or British Museum treasure team (in England) by email, with photographs of the object and full details of the findspot, finders and landowners details, and await further instruction.


Treasure is defined as:

• Objects over 300 years of age and comprised of more than 10% precious metal (gold or silver)
• Coin hoards
• Modified precious metal coins
• Prehistoric metal hoards.

Recently found material with accurate provenance information may be referred to the Finds Liaison Officer of the Portable Antiquities Scheme ( This scheme aims to record archaeological objects found by members of the public onto a national open access database.

Given the demand, material left as a Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) enquiry, excluding potential treasure, will be available for collection in a maximum of four months, although the timescale may be shorter dependent upon workloads.

Should you require further information on the PAS department at York Museums Trust please call 01904 687687 or email

Finds Days

Have you found an archaeological object that you would like to find out more about?

If so then bring your finds for identification to the Yorkshire Museum and have them recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme if they are more than 300 years old.

Our Finds Days are 10am-1pm on the following dates*:

  •  7 February
  • 3 April
  • 5 June
  • 7 August
  • 2 October
  • 4 December

These events are included in your museum admission. There’s no need book.

Please note that we cannot give advice on items for sale or provide valuations. We also cannot authenticate objects.

*Events may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice.