Yorkshire Museum

Learning Level

Above the bustle of the main galleries is Enquiry – the Learning Level, centred around our existing learning rooms and historic library.

Here we are able to “dig deeper” – to pause for a while and find out more about the themes explored elsewhere in the museum.

The upper level hosts a programme of changing exhibitions and there is an area to sit and relax and look down on the the Central Hall displays below.

Leading off the balcony, the two learning rooms, or “Labs”, are dedicated to archaeology and science and are open for booking by school groups for workshops. When not occupied, ordinary visitors are able to examine objects close-up and explore further.

On the other side of the balcony gallery is the museum’s Historic Library, established by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society as part of the original building. This is now open to the public on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Next door is our new reading room, where a selection of books from the library are available to browse through, with more seating available to sit quietly and read. Displays on the wall tell the story of the history of the museum and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society.