Yorkshire Museum



Cars can drop off at the main entrance of the museum and need to enter the Museum Gardens by the Museum Street entrance.


Museum building

There is a ramp at the front of the building and the main entrance area is fully accessible.

The museum is on three floors and there is a lift. The lower ground and ground floor are fully accessible to wheelchair users. The first floor is mainly accessible, but the reading room and historic library are not accessible to wheelchairs. Please contact us if you wish to access these facilities and we will do our best to help you.

Please note that at busy times there may be a delay in using the lift, as only one wheelchair user is allowed on the first floor at one time due to fire regulations. There are handrails on the stairs and there is seating available around the museum.



There is one disabled toilet on the lower ground floor.



The shop is fully accessible.


The History of York for the Hearing Impaired

We have produced a transcript of the History of York audio-visual experience for hearing impaired people.

You can pick up a copy on reception or download one here.



If you would like to make special arrangements for your museum visit, please contact us and we will be happy to help.