Yorkshire Museum

Yorkshire’s Rockers and Rollers: from Geology to Charioteers

Join the Yorkshire Museum’s curators in exploring Yorkshire’s prehistoric past.  In a series of live online talks we will discuss the natural science and archaeology of Yorkshire before written records began.  Each talk will focus on objects in the collection that give fascinating insights into the distant past.  Beginning with the oldest object in the collection, the Middlesbrough Meteorite, these talks will trace the passage of time as far as the Iron Age, a culture of rich craftwork and chariot-driving warriors on the cusp of the Roman invasion.


All online talks will take place on Wednesdays at 12:30pm, free of charge and will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, with the ability for the audience to ask live questions!

To sign up for the free online talks please click the events you are interested in here. We will send you a reminder and link to the event straight to your email.

8th December – A Smoggie Shooting Star
The oldest object in York Museums Trust’s collections would fit in the palm of your hand, but it has an incredible story to tell. Join our curator to learn about the Middlesbrough Meteorite, from the birth of the solar system to the stores of the Yorkshire Museum. Watch here.

19th January – Kirkdale’s Ancient Critters
120,000 years ago, Yorkshire was a very different place. Not only was the temperature warmer, many of the features for which the area is known, such as the imposing Malham Cove, had yet to be formed, and the Vale of York had yet to be shaped by glacial deposits. Moreover, there was a chance of being attacked by a hyena or a hippo. Join our curator to explore some of the fascinating fossil material from Kirkdale Cave that tells a story of Yorkshire – but not as we know it. Watch here

16th February – Mesolithic Masterpieces
Star Carr, near Scarborough in North Yorkshire, is regarded as one of the most important and informative Mesolithic sites in Europe. Over 10,000 years old, in Britain it is the site of the oldest house recorded from Britain, where we find the oldest evidence for carpentry, and the oldest evidence for Mesolithic art. Join our curatorial team for an introduction to the site and its amazing archaeological remains in the Yorkshire Museum. Watch here

9th March – Brigantian Bling : the Towton Torcs
In 2010 two metal detectorists struck prehistoric gold near Towton, North Yorkshire. Join our curator to learn more about an intriguing pair of gold armlets that may have been worn by Yorkshire royalty more than 2,000 years ago and find out how the Towton torcs add to the story of Iron Age Yorkshire. Watch here