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Richard III: Coming Home

9 July –  31 October 2021
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The world-famous late 16th century portrait of Richard III will go on display at the Yorkshire Museum as part of a new display, in summer 2021. The loan to the Yorkshire Museum is part of the National Portrait Gallery’s nation-wide COMING HOME project, which sees the Gallery sending portraits of iconic individuals to places they are closely associated with.

The painting, which has become synonymous with the depiction of Richard III, will form the centrepiece of the new display, which includes the Yorkshire Museum’s outstanding collections associated with the King. Objects such as the magnificent Middleham Jewel, The Ryther Hoard and the Stillingfleet Boar Badge worn by one of his supporters, will be on display.

King Richard III by Unknown artist © National Portrait Gallery, London


Doctored Portraits

On display from 7th – 31st October 2021

The earliest paintings of King Richard III show evidence of being altered – doctored – to make Richard’s scoliosis appear more severe. This was part of a Tudor propaganda campaign, presenting Richard’s physical impairment as a sign of his unfitness to rule.

In August 2021, the Yorkshire Museum ran ‘Doctored Portraits’ workshops, where we invited people with disabilities and impairments to explore representations of disability in art. We altered well-known works of art to encourage the viewer to reflect on visible and invisible impairments and on how we think about disability. Find out more here.

All talks start at 4.30pm and are free of charge.
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Online Expert Lectures

29 July: Prof Sarah Rees Jones: One year in York’s troubled relationship with Richard III, 1476 – 77.
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19 August: Dr Carolyn Donohue: York’s ‘Most Famous Prince’: Richard III, the City and its Citizens.
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16 September: Dr Kate Giles: The Middleham Jewel: discovery, analysis and interpretation
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30 September: Dr Charlotte Bolland: Fact and Fiction in the Tudor portraits of Richard III.
Find out more here.

Online Curator Talks 
Don’t miss a range of exciting talks from curators of the Yorkshire Museum!

15 July: Up close with the York Boar Badge
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12 August: Richard III’s York
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9 September: Uncovering the Ryther Hoard
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7 October: Henry Percy and The Percy Panels
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