The Bedale Hoard - Yorkshire Museum (York Museums Trust)

The Bedale Hoard

The Bedale Hoard was found by metal detectorists in 2012 and bought by the Yorkshire Museum after generous donations from the public and grants from funders.

It spent many months being conserved by the York Archaeological Trust (YAT), with fascinating and intricate details of the metalwork being uncovered for the first time.

Tiny cuts have become visible which show the testing of the purity of the silver. Samples of wood and textile have also been found which give clues to how it was buried.

As well as the inlaid gold sword pommel, unique silver neck ring and neck collar and the silver armring, it also includes 29 silver ingots, two other silver neck rings and gold rivets. Archaeologists believe it is from the late ninth or early tenth century.

The Bedale Hoard

Watch the video below to find out more about the discovery and conservation of one of the most significant discoveries of Viking treasure in Yorkshire.

The Bedale Hoard Animation Project

As part of York Museums Trust’s Genesis project a group of young people aged from 14-16 created an animated video on the story of the Bedale Hoard at the Yorkshire Museum.


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