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Welcome to the Yorkshire Museum!

The Yorkshire Museum sits in the heart of York Museum Gardens, in the centre of York. Our collection

What you can see on your visit

Richard III: Coming Home

The world-famous late 16th century portrait of Richard III will go on display at the Yorkshire Museum as part of a new display, in summer 2021. Find out more here.

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

From the depths of the deepest seas to the ancient coasts and tropical shallows, meet the dinosaurs and sea monsters that once roamed our vast and ever-changing landscapes. Experience each Jurassic world as the colossal creatures and their surroundings are brought to life using the latest research and ground-breaking technology. Find out more here.

Medieval York: Capital of the North

This exciting re-display showcases the Yorkshire Museum’s permanent collection of the region’s greatest surviving treasures. These include the York Helmet, Gilling Sword and Ormside Bowl. Find out more here.

Roman York: Meet the People of the Empire

See our most outstanding finds from Roman York showing what an important centre it was within Britain, and how it was a cosmopolitan and multi-racial place. Find out more here.

Star Carr

This ‘Spotlight’ display reveals interesting findings about the Star Carr frontlets and reignite the questions of why they were made and what this tells us about the lives of the people of Yorkshire 11,000 years ago. Find out more here.