Yorkshire Museum

Stained Glass

A beautiful selection of our stained glass is now on display for the first time in years, following the refurbishment of the museum in 2010.

New light boxes and newly-exposed windows mean the glass can now be seen in its full glory, after fantastic restoration work by research students at the University of York’s MA course in Stained Glass Conservation.

Our collection of 400 pieces of stained glass ranges from the 12th to the 20th centuries, and comes from Yorkshire, across England, as well as Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Much of the glass was acquired in the 1880s by the founders of the museum, the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, from local collectors, and more than 60 pieces were put on display in the Hospitium in the Museum Gardens from the 1890s.

By the 1940s most of it had been put into storage with just a small amount put back out on display from the late 1980s.

Now, for the first time the entire collection has been catalogued and a selection of pieces cleaned and repaired by the university research students.

We hope this successful partnership will continue and help us display more glass in the years to come and special thanks are due to Jasmine Allen, for her work on the catalogue.

Our images here show just a small selection of the glass now on show.