York Castle Museum

After the Ice

Until May 2014 we celebrate Yorkshire’s beginnings with a special exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum.

An exciting display incorporating sound, film and cutting edge technology with a wide range of fantastic world-famous objects will tell the story of Star Carr; the most significant site in Europe where post Ice Age people lived over 11,000 years ago.

Eleven-thousand-year-old deer skull head-dresses, bone harpoons and amber jewellery – amazingly preserved in peat – are just some of the highlights of the exhibition which will tell the story of the people of Yorkshire in the Mesolithic period.

The objects, on loan from museums all over the country, come from Star Carr, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, where a number of Mesolithic settlements once stood on the shores of a huge lake. Star Carr is noted internationally as the type-site for understanding hunter-gatherer communities of the Mesolithic period in Europe. It has been investigated by archaeologists since 1948, including by researchers from the University of York.

The ancient finds will be displayed alongside exciting digital content giving visitors a taste of the sights and sounds that our ancestors would have experienced in Yorkshire 11,000 years ago.

After the Ice is the first in a series of displays forming part of a wider Prehistory in Yorkshire project. This three-year research and exhibition project is designed to link the Yorkshire Museum’s prehistoric collections back to the iconic Yorkshire landscapes in which they were discovered.

While this year focuses on the Mesolithic period and the site of Star Carr; years two and three will look at Bronze and Iron Age Yorkshire respectively.